Monday, August 16, 2010

A series of Nights

In lieu of friends and family responding texts this evening and my husband being sick in bed and asleep since 7 pm, I am reviewing my list.  It frustrates me, the list itself, not the journey of completing the tasks.  Having things hanging over my head is hard.  It makes me think twice about starting something I can't finish.  I think I will ignore that nagging feelings though.

On Saturday we celebrated Leann's birthday with dinner at Cheddar's and then moving on to Big Texas. Matt seemed grumpy the entire evening but was persistent and finally was successful in getting me on the dance floor.  Leann went out with him and she couldn't get him to be successful.  Since Matt and I had previously danced in the house to iTunes, I knew the trick.  Under the railing I went to drag Matt along on the dance floor with me.  I'm glad I did...

It was the beginning of mine and Matt's two-stepping night at Big Texas.  I do not have faith that my sweet husband could two-step with someone else, but that's fine with me since it leaves only me for him to dance with.

I feel good marking this off my list...WE TWO-STEPPED, IN PUBLIC!!  No more being jealous of the people on the dance floor while I look on longingly.  Now if only my readers could have been there as Leann tried to get a picture of us's one of the reasons we kept getting back on the dance floor.  You can see the anticipation in the photo - my face and my thumbs up in the air like "what the heck, woman?"

The birthday girl and myself

The group - 
Celeste, Michael, Leann, Myself, Matt, Larry, Phillip, and Monique

 Now we will see what happens the next time we find ourselves in a two-stepping situation.  At least we I know how now.

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  1. Ah Yeah! Looks like you guys had fun!, and you look great too!