Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wondering What Counts

Tonight Matt and I are going out with my very first college roommate, Heather, and her husband, David.  We happen to live in the same neighborhood so we have gotten together a couple of times.  Tonight we are going to the race track and then to Big Texas for some dancing.  A couple weeks ago we went to Big Texas for Caitlin's birthday party.  This was after I had started this project.

Once we finalized these plans with Heather and David, I decided Matt and I would learn to two step, #20, via YouTube.  This morning, I woke up about an hour before Matt so I started YouTubing it up.  Looked easy enough...but then I added in my husband.  This is now me...

He's cute...
I love him...


So now I'm wondering whether or not I can count #20 if my intention was for me to learn how to two-step and then accomplish that publicly with my husband.  I can two step after watching youtube seeing as how I had a bit of before knowledge and just needed to turn it around, since I learned to lead.  Maybe I should change it to

20.  Teach husband how to two step

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