Saturday, August 14, 2010

Polos, Clubs, and Carts

What a great time I had golfing on Thursday with my wonderful hubby and the Jessicas.  Matt normally plays with my brother on Thursdays, but he was out of town climbing a mountain.  We played Mulligans, a Par 3 course of 9 holes.

Myself, Jessica Smith, and Jessica Bailey dressed to the nines!  Showing is better than describing...

We played like we knew what we were doing, had a great time, and Matt was a great teacher for the three of us.  I'm pretty sure my brother would have gone ahead and played without us.  Haha.
I cannot wait to play again and Matt is so excited to be able to talk about golf all the time now.  I think I had a successful golfing trip considering I hadn't played (if you consider 1 golf lesson playing) in over 15 years.

My first took me 3 shots to get there