Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Changes

Slowly but surely, this house is becoming a home.

An interesting thread that I saw last week, intrigued me...
How has your lot changed since your google street view pic?
Ours has changed considerably!!

It went from...


The transformation is pretty cool.  The google street view pic was taken, by my estimation, a little over two years ago since that is how old our house is.  The house next door was just having it's foundation poured.

As for the inside, we weren't required to make very many changes after we moved in, but one thing became clear once everything was in and set up.  Too much yellow.  Matt and I like the yellow, contrary to popular preference, there was just too much.

So, I took care of number 86-Paint the Dining Room.
I made the paint choice by myself...first online, and then went a completely different direction in the store.  I've always had the problem of picking the "khaki" that ends up peach, or pink, or anything other than "khaki".  At home, I had every intention of just painting a square to see if I liked the color.  I was nervous after painting that square, so I kept painting.  And kept painting.  And then, I kept painting. I painted through Matt trying to convince me to let him paint with me (he has never painted before, he says, and I had no way to fix any of the white if there were mistakes made). I painted through Leann coming to visit and sat her down to watch me. and I painted through my alarm telling me it was time to eat (see previous post about that).  I painted, painted, painted.  I did a good job too.  Four days later, I put on the second coat, and I couldn't be happier with it.  I don't know the real color but I call it "Mocha Frappuccino".

So....what do you think?  Improvement? 


  1. The paint looks good. I'm impressed with the way you layed bricks though.

  2. I love the color! I have a hard time picking colors too especially the tan and khaki colors. Emmas room was painted before we found out we were pregnant. I Am glad we had to repaint to make it her room. I don't think I would have been able to stand the brown (reminded me of a peanut butter color). Mocha frappaccino sounds much nicer! Can't wait to come see it!