Sunday, August 22, 2010


Number 83 has gotten me thinking a few times, because a different restaurant once a month is going to be 33 new restaurants!!! Matt will probably enjoy it, but for this month, it's a set one.

August's new restaurant is a new take on food.  MyFitFoods is the treat of the month.  And I'm not just having it once a month, I'm having it 5 times a day, for 21 days straight.  It's a food challenge, hence the new take on food.  Lean eating, lots of protein, like LOTS of protein, and foods with high antioxidants.  The icing on top of the cake (or lack thereof, actually) is the liver cleanse in the morning.  Some of the food is really yummy and I will try to duplicate it as close as I can to the healthy version (turkey pasta, lemon turkey).

I've got to say, with the 80 oz of water Im drinking a day and the entire combination of healthy food, I'm losing weight, I have more energy, and I'm sleeping way better.

Here's a look at some of the meals.

H-Town Breakfast

Luis' Migas Breakfast

Lemon Turkey Lunch

Turkey Pasta Lunch

Berries and Yogurt Snack

Chicken and Fruit Snack

Fajita Dinner

Tenderloin Dinner

The best's all prepared for you!! 

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