Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have read lately about women who started the Day Zero Project, but didn't finish it.  I want to finish it.  Partly because of #101, but more so because when I accomplish some things, I feel really good about it.  I completely intend on another list....but it probably won't have as many things on it, or items will be added throughout the years on my next list, hopefully surrounding my kids.  

In order to have smaller goals, I intend on completing the following in the month of September.  

4. Read the Twilight books
7. Lose 10 lbs
15. Learn to clean and load my gun
21. Get a pedicure with Jessica
35. Find and frame college diploma
50. Take a kickboxing class
69. Write a will
97. Eat at Maggiano's 
100. Once a month (September-April), go on a dinner date with my husband and leave my cell phone in the car

Funny thing about this, is that I have started this, without even realizing it is on my list.  That feels'd be great to be able to accomplish things placed in the back of my mind and then be pleasantly surprised to knock them off unexpectedly.  
38. Eat an apple, unsliced, each day for a week

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