Monday, July 12, 2010

First Impression

I wish wish wish we had a picture of the front of the house before we replanted.  The garden was FULL of weeds.  It had grass growing in it.  There were four "wanna be" poisonous (to doggies) plants in the back line, one of which was dead and just had gray twigs growing out of it "wanna be" roots.  The front had these berry bushes growing that I had removed at the old house.  We knew they were going out.  For sure.

Lo and behold, the day after we finished, I checked the mail.
Side note:  It's so nice having the mailbox right in front of the house!!!
In the mail was a lovely letter from Sterling ASI.  It was so different than any previous letters from the old house that I had received.  It had a separate page for notes on how to the issue was going to be corrected and a place to sign and instructions for how to return.  Really???
This should be FUN.  Well, in lieu of a paper and an explanation, I just took photos for them.  I sent them via email, but I did sign the bottom of the page and date it.

Leann and I went to Lowe's to get a shovel and a rake...but came back with about 12 new plants, a shovel, a rake, and immediately got to work to beat the dark and the storm rolling in.  Matt and I are pretty happy with the results!!  I can't wait to see what happens when the plants start maturing.

The new and improved garden.


  1. And by the way...the word I had to type in on that first comment for verification was "sester" really close to sister!