Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do Your Ears Hang Low...

You know that song?

Do your ears hang low
Do they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a not
Can you tie them in a bow...

Ya know.  Right???

It's commonly heard on the...

That's right!!! Matt and I were deep in discussion tonight, me sitting at the bar, him standing in front of the sink, and my ears perked up.  I heard a high pitched dinging noise.  Matt was mid-sentence, I put my hand up in the stop signal (not the stop sign in American Sign Language - thanks Kyle).  Matt got the message, he stopped talking, I listened to air...and then, my 101 popped into my head.  We ran out the front door, found the street where the Ice Cream Truck was and then we waited.  We waited on the corner for like 5 minutes!!  He wasn't moving.  So Matt went down to the end with instructions to get a chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bar.  They were out!!

Yum!! Here's what's left of completing my #27!!!

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