Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh boy...

Let's revise this little list here...
I've got a lot to do!!!  But not a lot of time.

July 2, 2010 
[1001 days] 
March 28, 2013
(I'll be __!!!)

3. Learn to crochet
12. Take a pole dancing class
15. Learn to clean and load my gun
18. Bake a pie for Matt
19. Get a CHL
24. No texting for a week
31. Donate blood
33. Make beer-ritas
36. Sponsor a family at Christmas Time
39. Pay for the person's food behind me in the drive-thru line
40. Go walking 3 times a week for 1 month
41. Make out with my husband for 10 seconds for 10 days straight
42. Go to a chick fil a brown bag
43. Find a new church and become a member
46. Go on a picnic in Hermann Park
47. Fly a kite
49. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
51. Volunteer for animals
52. Fill the coin jar and cash it in
56. Paint my bedroom the color blue/gray I want it
57. Send a care package to a soldier in the military
59. Give a meal to a homeless person
60. Go to Cedar Point
65. Learn how to change a tire
66. Go to a Texas winery
80. Organize the garage complete with cabinets
81. Weed eat and edge the yard myself
85. Visit Leann after she moves
92. Frame my flower portraits
93. Sell a box of books to Half Price Books
95. Host a game night
98. Attend a class at Home Depot
99. Get my Maui Jim's repaired
101. Donate $5 per task (or $100) not completed, to a charity

1 comment:

  1. I don't like the no texting, cause you typically don't answer when I call. And you did pay for our food behind you in the drive-thru.