Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Fun

I live in Texas.  Fall isn't fun.  At least not here.  We don't even really have a fall.  Or rather, maybe we have a fall and not a winter.  Who knows.  But spending 5 days in New England in October - well, that just reinforces that there isn't a fall in Texas.

But alas, this post is NOT about our trip to New England.  Fun as it was, I just haven't had time to look over my photos and see which ones are blog worthy.  You're sad right?

I thought so.  I'll post them.  By the end of the week?  I can't promise that.

October in Texas, for our family, consists of birthdays and Halloween.
And Pumpkins.
A family of Pumpkins actually.

Matt, Aubrey, and Liam

The last minute parents that we are, we waited until 4 days before Halloween to search out pumpkins to carve.  Well, bad idea.  Walmart had zero pumpkins.  And Kroger has only specialty pumpkins.  No need to fret.  We have a pumpkin patch within 5 minutes of our house.  Win!!  So we loaded up and headed to the patch.  
The cutest pumpkin model around

I decided to have a little editing fun.  All the actions that I've ever even looked at come from TheCoffeeShopBlog (definitely check her out!!  She even has tutorials.)  So I played with this photo a little.  

Perfect Portrait

Perfect Portrait + SunnyPop

Perfect Portrait + Downtown
This one is meant to mimic the Earlybird filter in Instagram, but it's a little much for me.

We carved pumpkins.  We are eating candy.  We are ready for trick or treaters.  What are we missing...? 
Oh, costumes.  
Check back to see how Liam's costume turns out. 

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  1. OK I was ready for like 100 pictures! These are great. Love your pumpkins.

    Liam gets more and more handsome with every passing day.