Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Finally, time is finally on my side.  The pools have closed (during the week) and Liam and I have tons of time to hang out.  Which, he currently wants to do.  Yet, he should be napping.  So I'm taking this opportunity, while he keeps shrieking, mind you, to see if I can learn the basics of editing photos.

Let's see how it goes...
(Be nice to me...these are the first two photos I've ever edited other than "enhance" in iPhoto).  Now that the second one is posted here next to the original, he looks overexposed or something that isn't right.  Just brightening up the photo made his eyes brighter...I didn't even do that!!

Even if you think I'm like the worst editor ever, you still got to see cute photos of Liam.  And, you have the opportunity to not come back.  I hope you come back though.  I have a measly 3 readers.  :-)


  1. I'm trying to sort through the WAY to many pics on my computer and I'm hoping to get a program to edit the pics. Eventually lol.

  2. You really made his eyes POP! Good for you for doing something for yourself and for having a bit of time with that little man

  3. Agh! I had a whole post typed and blogger ate it! Welcome to my makes my heart melt...but not as much as that sweet little baby of yours! Love it!

    Can't wait to squeeze u both.