Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I want new furniture.

Right around the time that Matt and I got married, we were blessed with "getting" his parent's living room set.  They had a condo in Ohio that sold and therefore, had 2 houses worth of furniture.  Then we bought a new house.  To fit said furniture.

It looks just like this.

It's wonderful.  It is a sofa, a loveseat, and a recliner.  Every piece of it either reclines or rocks.  The recliner and loveseat actually do both.  It's fabulous.  But, believe it or not, we actually feel like it's a little too big.

We have a lovely awkward column in our living room.  Ah, here it is.  This obviously, is not our furniture.

But, I think the previous owners had it right.  Smaller furniture.  More cozy house.

So I want new furniture.  I know I won't get input from blog readers (except Becca, love you).  But these are along the lines of what I am thinking.

I'm picture a sofa, plus an oversized chair.  I want to make the space behind the living room into an office type deal and make the study Liam's playroom.  I need it to all be contained.

Want to see photos?  Ok.

I like this style, but I'm not sure about the light color with Liam and possible (future) second child.

This one is nice as well, but I think I would prefer a 2 cushion sofa.  I can't stand how we are always adjusting the seat cushions on my parents sofa.

Another 2 cushion sofa. 

Can you tell my style is all mostly the same?  
I really will need to go and look in person.  But I hate shopping.  And I really would love to get a solid sofa with an accent chair.  

Can you imagine how much I am going to miss my rocking/reclining sofa, loveseat, and recliner?

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  1. You are right - I'm going to comment!

    A few pointers from ur beloved - I love me a comfy sofa that I can sink in to, and we have a lot of height in our family and friends, people who actually come to our house...and so we felt like having deep furniture was important, otherwise, u'd have really awkward sitting positions. Also, we have it all, sofas with 2 cushions, one cushion, 3 cushions, 4...unless attached, YOU ARE ALWAYS ADJUSTING. ALWAYS. Brady and I were just talking about this. We actually love our last leather set (u used in our old house when pregnant). It was just too small for our space....but no pillows, no cushions, everything attached and it never looks disheveled.

    I actually prefer the attached back cushions because unless rotated frequently, they pillows start to form to the person of habit that always sits in that spot.

    Just thought. But I love ur idea of a solid couch and then a patterned accent chair. Although an oversized chair w/ pattern will be a lot of love going on it one piece.

    ...did I help?