Friday, June 3, 2011

For My Records

Wow...who'd have thought that I would need lists and reminders for everything I need to take care of?  I can still remember things for others.  Where is my "my" memory?  I need to remember things.  For me.

So, to remind myself.  I've got the next 7 weeks to get these things done.
8.  No fried food for 30 days.  (This started Monday, May 16.)
21.  Get a pedicure with Jessica.  To clarify, that's Jessica Smith.  It's (tentatively) planned for June 10.
39.  Pay for the person's food behind me in the drive-thrue line 
44.  Get a massage (I've got a gift certificate from Christmas for Massage Envy and I plan on getting an induction massage July 23.)
48.  Go to the double-feature drive in. (Christina and I have already talked about this, we just need to plan it.)
93.  Sell a box of books to Half Price Books.  (It may be more of a bucket, but they've been in the attic, so I do not need them.)

-11 more days of no fried food.  I'm either going to do it through the end of the month of limit it to once per week. 
-Eh-hem...hey Jessica.  Respond to my text.  
-Can't go to the drive-thru because I don't like the grilled chicken sandwiches.  This may end up as a problem.
-The massage...I think I am running out of time to have this massage, or I might be past it.  I dimly remember hearing that Massage Envy won't do a prenatal massage after 32 weeks.  Gotta check that out.  Don't know when I'll go into labor, so the induction massage isn't guaranteed.
-Why did I put the double-feature on my "do this before baby list"? It's HOT. 
-The books...I need to just get them in the car and get them sold.  

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