Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feeling Gorgeous

It's really wonderful what a photographer can do to make a pregnant woman feel spectacular.  Gorgeous.  Beautiful.  And the surprise that comes to see yourself on the other end of the lens.  

I was 31.5 weeks pregnant when we went to Jurgen Hall in Cypress for a maternity shoot with Candace, from Eye Candy by Candace.  My sister has been using her for a couple of years for her Christmas and various other photo shoots.  She did a fantastic job.  I am beyond happy with the results.  They are great photos.  And I lucked out.  My sister framed some of my favorites as decorations for the baby shower.  

I love the photos.  The poses are great, the colors are great...and even though it was 98 degrees, you'd never have known it.  Thanks so much Candace!! 

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