Sunday, May 29, 2011

Done, done, and done

I ate an apple a day for a week.
I ate each one with peanut butter.
Some were sliced, some were not.
I miss my apples.  I only bought three at the store this week because they were picked over.  So yummy.

No one use my peanut butter jar.  Apples and used spoons have been stuck in there.

Every other Saturday in the months May-August, A-Beautiful Pools, Inc holds company (area-wide) inservices, face to face.  Bright and early in the morning.  7am to be exact.  That's how my day started yesterday.  I led the first inservice, with the help of Kyle who will be taking over for me and my 9 supervisors.  Then went straight to another inservice with 3 pools from one of our biggest accounts.  Then went around to pools checking things out, to the grocery store to get my protein filled lunch, and back out to a few more pools.  I got home mid-afternoon, put my feet up for an hour, quickly showered and hit the road towards downtown for the Astros game, followed by Family Faith Night with Jeremy Camp.

I quickly swelled up.  QUICKLY.  
That's not even the extent of it.  I wouldn't gross you out with a photo of that.  Let's just say that in between the game (which the Astros didn't score in until the 9th inning) and the concert, I was embarrassed to put my feet up they were so sausage like!! 

Pence, up to bat from the view behind the dugout.

And then the concert.

We decided to leave around 10:00pm, about a half hour after the concert started.  We will have to go back next year.  I so wish we could go July 16 to see David Crowder Band.  Did you know there won't be a DCB after this year?

And there you go, #61 and #77-done.

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  1. They aren't gross just a little "fluffy"!