Friday, May 20, 2011

Before BABY

I am committing to the following things BEFORE the baby comes.  It's overwhelming to think about the time I will have after the baby gets here.  It seems like there won't be any time at all.  I'm constantly asked if I am ready.  I'm not ready.  I don't want to be ready.  I don't want this baby to come early. will be hot.
Yes...I will be uncomfortable.
Yes...I will be getting minimal sleep.
Yes...I will be super-swollen.
And on and on...yup, I know.

And nope, I still don't want my baby to come early.  July 24, his due date, or later.  End of story.  :-)

So, my blog will probably take a backseat until the holidays start coming around, other than to post things about the delivery, the days with the baby, and pictures of the baby.

In the meantime, there are things I can knock out.  And they will be:
8.  No fried food for 30 days.  (This started Monday, May 16.)
21.  Get a pedicure with Jessica.  To clarify, that's Jessica Smith.  It's (tentatively planned for the week of June 6.)
38.  Eat an apple a day for one week (This started Monday, May 16.)
39.  Pay for the person's food behind me in the drive-thrue line (I'd have knocked this one out on my way to my nephew's t-ball game Tuesday but I was running late and didn't have time to sit in the drive-thru line...where I got grilled chicken.  Ick.)
44.  Get a massage (I've got a gift certificate from Christmas for Massage Envy and I plan on getting an induction massage July 23.)
48.  Go to the double-feature drive in. (Christina and I have already talked about this, we just need to plan it.)
54.  Watch the notebook with my husband.  (It's him...he's the reason this isn't done yet, but now, pregnancy is on my side.)
61.  Attend family faith night at the Astros. (May 28th baby!!!!  We've I've got tickets.  He doesn't know about them yet.  We may be late, but we are behind the dugout for the game...I can't wait!!!)
77.  Sit behind the dugout at an Astros game.  (See above!!!!)
93.  Sell a box of books to Half Price Books.  (It may be more of a bucket, but they've been in the attic, so I do not need them.)

That's it.  That's what I'm going to commit to.  Who wants to hold me accountable or better yet, do one of these WITH me??


  1. I thought I, your mama, was going to get a pedicure with you next week. Are you getting two that fast?

  2. It's a little late for me to help you out with any of these...I would eat an apple a day but I am already 5 days behind on that one. Maybe, I could follow you through a drive-thru!!! LOL