Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 25 and a Bit of Humor

25 weeks!!  Holy cow.  I wondered for a bit today how I got here.  How lucky I am to get here.  That's what has been hitting me lately.  That I'm lucky to be pregnant.  Sure, it may have taken us a little bit of time to get here and there were others along the way who wished to be on the same awesome journey as us...but I do realize that we're lucky.

I'm definitely enjoying the honeymoon stage of pregnancy.  My symptoms, other than the growing belly, are limited to headaches, disturbed sleep, and a little bit of heartburn.  The heartburn is a bit of a drag, but it doesn't happen that often and it really isn't that bad.  I can imagine it'd be a lot worse.

Baby Stats:
-13 1/2 inches
-1.5 lbs
-growing baby fat
-growing hair
-becoming more and more human looking and less alien-looking :)

Baby is the size of an average rutabaga.  

It's not secret that I plan to am going to give birth naturally.  I've been attending Bradley Method Courses with a fabulous childbirth educator and doula and we also have our own doula.  They're both great.  They're informative.  And I'm having a natural birth.  If the Birth Center, Nativiti, was covered by my insurance I'd be going there.  And I don't care what anyone else things about my birth.  It's mine.  Theirs is theirs and it's welcome to be however they want it.  So, this little cartoon struck me as funny.

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  1. You are right - its all how YOU want it and I'm glad you're sticking with it. Comments start in pregnancy and always continue so its good practice now learning to ignore everyone lol :)