Friday, December 31, 2010


The year...THE year, as it comes to a close.  What a great year.  Don't we all say it at some point?  And then repeat it again another year?  The curveballs life throws at us each year, and one moment can define an entire year.

But for me...2010...a great year.  THE year.

In January, I took my first trip to Ohio and met the people who have loved Matt from afar for the past couple of years.  And I planned an "announced elopement" in 3 weeks.  It wasn't too difficult...that is the point of eloping, yes??  My brother-in-law married us, my sister, baby Reid, and Rebecca and Brady were our witnesses.  Our parents loved us from their homes and our photographer's daughter video-taped the ceremony for our loved ones. was so cold!!!!

March marked the celebration of Matt's and my wedding.  With our close friends and family, put on by my wonderful parents, we talked, ate, smiled, and toasted the night away.

Late Spring brought on another whirlwind summer and with the summer came the challenge of the 101 in 1001 project.  The originating point of this blog.  

May brought forth house-hopping.  We sold my house in April, closed April 25 and moved in with my parents.  Matt, me, the dog, and the cat.  It was....cramped.  After about a week, we moved in with Christina and Richard, the lovely couple who set us up.  4 dogs, 1 cat, 4 adults...but there was more room there.  After just shy of 2 weeks, we closed on our new-to-us house in Tomball., how how do I not have a picture of the front of my house???  Really?? I feel like I have a picture somewhere, I just cannot seem to find it.  More searching.....Yes!!! Success!! 

September marked the end of a fast moving summer season with an old-school river trip with the Upper Management of A-Beautiful Pools and a fabulous trip back to the Florida Coast, to Watersound, FL.  Matt and I met up with Rebecca and Brady at a gorgeous beach house just south of Destin.  We scored on cheap flights through Southwest's deals, and had a R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G time.  Gorgeous sunsets, wonderfully cooked meals (that I just smelled while the others ate, fish mostly, lol), lounged at the beach, and browsed the Destin outlets.

Floating the Comal River

Dinner at the Gristmill

Right outside the beach house, maybe 200 steps.

Brady, Rebecca, Matt, Myself and the gorgeous sunset of Watersound Beach.

October...oh another joyous trip back to the Florida Coast!!  How lucky are we??  2010 was definitely the year of the trips.  We took the trip straight back to the place we married in January.  We stayed in the same condo complex a block from the coast, hit the cold waters, ate at the great places we didn't have time to eat when we were there for the wedding, and did a little sight-seeing.
Here I am wondering why I don't have a blog post about this trip, but I didn't want to post the pictures that would later show up on our Christmas card of 2010.  So here they are!!
Mexico Beach, FL

We were married here, where the tide is covering the sand

November...oh November.  We found out we are pregnant on November 8.  It was a tear-filled night after most of the year of trying.  Oh, 2010, the year of the positive pregnancy test.  It will forever be, THE year.
I think that's saying enough...

And December.  Christmas...the end of the year.  Almost 2011.  Christmas was good to me.  It was a good time with family.  And it will be the last Christmas spent as a family of two.

To say that I am excited for 2011 is a gross understatement.  Seven months into the year there will be a little one.  We will definitely be celebrating Christmas in July.  What a special gift 2011 will bring us.

So, as I said, 2010, it was a great year.  THE year.  Will 2011 top it?  I sure hope so.
Happy New Year to you and yours.  I hope only good things for you in the year to come.


  1. What a great year you had, can't wait to see the amazing addition 2011 brings!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Aubrey I am so glad to have been along for the ride in 2010 and I am looking forward to all the many blessings 2011 brings to your growing family.

  3. HAPPY 2011 AUBREY :)

    No doubts it will top 2010, like you said - it seems every year is THE year