Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who needs a list to Have Fun!

To say that a vacation was needed would be a severe understatement.  To have time with Rebecca and Brady, all to myself, now that's just priceless.  In a gorgeous beach house, to boot!!

As Matt and I boarded the plane in Houston on Sunday night, I counted myself lucky that I could take a vacation to visit Becca at what a I hope becomes a new meet up place in North Florida.  Anywhere in North Florida will do for me.  I have a hunch that I'll always have a special place in my heart for the area...Matt and I did get married there.  We wed in Mexico Beach.  We vacationed in Watersound.  Both are magnificently beautiful.  White sand, see-through water with fish gliding through the crashing aquamarine and deep blue waves, and sea-gulls in the bright blue, cloud-kissed sky.  It was perfect.
Secretly, I cannot wait to convince my family and friends to take trips to the Florida Forgotten Coast so that I (selfishly) can do more exploring and find more favorite places.  

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We are so gracious to Becca and Brady, our forever friends, for including us in their vacation, picking us up from the airport late Sunday night after their long drive from Atlanta, and depositing us back at the airport Wednesday afternoon after beach trips, shopping trips, photo sessions amidst the gorgeous sunsets, diction and grammar lessons in the car, lunch trips, and our own version of marriage counseling in the living room...just the four of us. perfect.  

And here...#86, my new restaurant of the month...
I'm sad to say I'm not sure when I'll get to visit again.  Whoever wants to go visit the North Florida beaches, let me know.  We can set up $89/$99 flights to and from Houston and Panama City Beach.
With Kim Stone (of Kim Stone Photography, our wedding photographer) at Margaritaville.

Anyone??  Who is gonna be my first taker on planning a trip??

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