Friday, October 1, 2010

Who wants chicken???

Since the very first step I took in 2006 towards becoming a homeowner, I knew one thing...a constant.

I wanted to own a grill, and I wanted to be able to use it.  Not only did I not own a grill in my previous home, I couldn't use something that was non-existent.  Even though it ended up pretty far down the list, owning a grill and learning how to use it is something I feel proud to know how to do.  It's not that's the art of knowing when the food is ready and to your liking that is what has to be mastered.  That time will come, with practice.  I have been preparing for this day for a few can see my preparation if you wish.

I honestly couldn't think of anyone better to come over and help with the "learning how to use it" part of #70, than my brother John, who held "steak nights" around Houston at a few local bars for a few months last year.  

Using a grill is like something that should be ingrained in every homeowner's (apartment dweller's, condo owner's, house renter's) handbook.  You should just know how to do it. 

 I'm happy to join the club.  

Step 1:  Turn on the propane. 
Step 2:  Turn on the burner.
Step 3:  Press the ignitor button.
Step 4:  Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all burners.
Step 5:  Let the grill heat up for about 5 minutes to kill anything that has settled on the grill. 
Step 6:  Place meat...cook.
Step 7:  Eat food.

Chicken, Steak, and Veggie Kabobs

Note to self:  Pouring Italian Dressing directly on the grill will create large flames.  Beware of wooden beam next to grill when flames start jumping.  Try not to burn down the house.

Invite friends over.  Drink beer.

And finally....
Try and think back to the last time you told yourself "don't forget......<insert whatever it may be>"  Did you forget it?  Probably so, unless you wrote yourself a note or set an reminder in your phone.  Have you guys ever played Skip-bo?  It's a card game.  It almost incorporates Uno and Solitare in one...check it out.  But if you have the grill going when you go to play Skip-bo, and you think "I'll set an alarm for the reminder to get the chicken off 5 minutes after it was flipped," and you don't...

Expect the chicken to be a little more than char-grilled.  

I am happy to say that the first use of the grill was a success.  A success in the wonderful evening enjoyed by a few friends.  A success in not burning down the house.  And a success in not burning the food we planned to eat for our main course.  Lessons learned, propane wasted, and chicken burnt, but laughter, new games, new experiences, and a 4-person Rock Band group set the evening wonderfully with the chilly air and yummy food eaten by friends.  It was a good evening...a success.

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