Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pain...And Wisdom

I can't even remember when my last dentist appointment was...the day my mom paid for my wisdom teeth removal.  My first "surgery".  I have been told as long as I can remember, by the same dentist, that my wisdom teeth would have to come out.  We always blew him off because they hadn't ever busted the skin.  No big deal.  I was born without a permanent lower tooth, so I have a little extra room on the bottom anyways.  Sadly, towards the end of college, they all started breaking through.  The top teeth were no big deal.  They were just like other teeth...I honestly didn't even realize they were in all the way.  I dimly remember soreness for about a week, but that's it.  The bottom ones were an entirely different story.  They slowly poked through and got stuck...halfway.  You'd think they would have been able to come in since there was extra room on the bottom.  No such luck.

Well, October 13....eviction date for my wisdom teeth.  They were coming out.  I prepare by stressing, asking a lot of questions of friends, and worrying for days before hand.  I was told at the last dentist appointment, that daunting day, that I'd be consciously sedation.  Yeah...that turned out to be a big lie.  I took triazolam, which if you look it up, is used primarily for insomnia, but also anxiety.  Ain't no conscious sedation on this train!!  I slept great the night before, but I didn't feel any different walking in to the dentist, sitting down in the chair...and I told the dental assistant as much.  "No, I'm not anxious, I'm just freaking out a little."  She prodded me to take the last pill...I'd already followed instructions and taken 2 just an hour before.  One thing was for sure, I was drugged up.  Only I remember everything.  I will spare you the details, in case you still have your wisdom teeth.

The basics....
10 hrs after removal...
My mouth is hurting, but it's mostly a dull ache. 
The top two were a piece of cake because (I wasn't aware) they were completely in. 
The bottom two sucked. And still suck. And will suck in the morning I'm sure.  Hyrdocodone makes me puke.
 36 hours after removal....
OMG my mouth hurts SOOOOO bad. So bad.  
I'm pretty sure I lost a blod clot on one of my bottom sockets, which will mean dry socket...and it'll probably happen in full swing this weekend...when everything is closed.
...its all mashed potatoes and salt water. And pain. And my throat feels like I have strep. 
I prefer my broken foot to this crap... 

My mouth tastes like what I imagine sucking on a penny would taste like.  Blood tainted with copper. Can you imagine it?  My throat still feels like I have strep throat.  My jaw is swollen...I'll leave you with a picture. I should start my 365 project and just take pictures of my jaw for the first week.  
67.  Have my wisdom teeth pulled.  Done.  Done.  and Done.  
Forever and ever, amen. 

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