Sunday, June 24, 2012


I joined instagram.

Well, I joined instagram 36 weeks ago to be exact...and never did anything other than take and (obliviously) post 1 photo of something I couldn't make out.

I'm still learning.  I'd like to post my first few instagrams here, but I'm just not sure if I can do that without emailing myself the photos first..  And that's annoying.  So you only get 1.

Do you have any hints, tips, or tricks to tell me?


  1. Download Blogger to your phone and post from iPhone from your photo library.

    ...also SnapWidget

  2. I have blogger...I just don't like it.
    And I have the photo bucket app.
    I want them on my computer, so it seems that emailing them is the only way sine instagram is only an iphone/android app.

  3. Your new blog layout doesn't allow for replies to specific comments - so I wont' know when you respond on here since it wasn't a reply to my initial response.