Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Done

It's over. The end.

I haven't pumped for 36 hours. I had every intention of going a few more days when there was clearly no need.

I'm sad.
I cried a little last night.

I did a good thing. It was hard.
It was a labor...of love...for sure.

So, that's it. The end. No more pumping.

Let the party commence.

4 days shy of 8 months of exclusive 
I pat myself on the back.  


  1. You journey was hard and you stuck with it regardless. You deserve more than a pat on the back. I wish I could join the party. We made it 7 months primarily BFing and then I had to start weaning. I needed it. We continued limited nursing till 10 months when the rest of my milk dried up. I very much was in the mood for a party too until I discovered I was pregnant. I dont know if I could do what you did. I might need hand holding with #2. I am scared it could be another rough ride.

  2. Time to celebrate! When's the no pump party? :)

  3. Well played. You did such an awesome thing for Liam and I know it was hard but you stuck to it. I am so proud of you Aubrey. You are a good mommy <3

  4. That's a great achievement and I hope should this baby not take to nursing that I'm able to give them the gift of exclusively pumping for as long as you did! Job well done Mama!

  5. ummm, that pat on the back is well deserved momma! Give yourself a pat from me as well.