Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being Productive

That would be the opposite of what I am being.  And I know I should be doing something productive.  The only problem is that the majority of things that are productive are in the baby's room - and well, he fell asleep on the floor.  So I left him there.  I'm not a bad mom.  I'm a great mom.  My baby fell asleep and I didn't wake him up to move him into his crib.  That would have been bad as he would have surely woken up.

Speaking of being productive, I'm about halfway through my time for my 1001 Project and I have no idea where I stand.  I did give myself a break from the monthly, weekly, ongoing tasks since some of them are just not practical given I have a newborn who has been quite the high-needs little human.  As things settle into a groove and a new normal begins to form, I have committed to returning to my tasks in the upcoming weeks.

November 13th marks Liam's 4 month birthday as well as my return to the monthly and weekly tasks (some of which have continued but have not been documented.)
Wish me well.

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  1. Baby is my reason for not finishing Elena's room... again. It was so wonderful. Then we moved. And now I fear hammering nails in walls to hang her art because she is always there sleeping. I agree you are a great mom.