Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Rockin Doula!

Kathleen, she's amazing.  She was my sister's doula when she was pregnant with Reid, her third.  From the point that my sister was recovering after giving birth, she began saying that Kathleen was going to be her gift to me.  I'll admit, I thought she was crazy at first.  I'd be "epiduraling" it up.

Then I got pregnant.
Then I started researching in the few days before I told my sister.
Then Kathleen became my doula.

We met with her monthly.  She calmed my irrational fears (what was I going to wear during labor?!? and whether or not to donate the cord blood) and covered everything in full detail with us.  It was like we were her only client.  She spent hours with us if that was what we needed.  And we never seemed like a hassle.  During labor, even though she was 25 weeks pregnant, she was a solid rock.  She had to be tired, exhausted even, and hungry and just getting worn down.  She counter pressured my back when I was in positions that were so uncomfortable.  And then she showed Matt how to duplicate what she was doing.  Even during pushing, which lasted 3-4 hours, she was there at my leg with pressure helping me along (with my sister, my mom, and my hubs as well).  She'd sit down in between, but stayed right next to me.
She walked me through options and outcomes when something new was thrown our way.  She was patient with me.  She told me I could when I said I can't.  Bot not only was she telling me, she was making me believe.  Her words were what I needed.

Kathleen is a rock star.  She not only coached me (and my sister in her labor) but she has coached our family.  I think I can speak for us all when I say she is such a blessing and has really guided us all.  We love her for what she has provided us.


Counter pressure

Towel-pulling Pushing

Peppermint on his finger!  I was so nauseous. 

And of course, from the last post because it is one of my favorites...a contraction on the floor with my sister and Kathleen

i'm the crazy person who cannot wait to be pregnant again (Don't worry...I'm waiting).  I can't wait to experience pregnancy again and do all I can to have a successful VBAC with my family and Kathleen by my side.

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  1. Yes! More Baby Hs! You cant leave me lonely. Oh and yall cant do math. I wouldnt need to start on number two till Elena is AT LEAST one year old. Which is good since I am still not capable of creating another life right now.