Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Name the Baby

Have you not heard? Again??  Where is your rock so I can start mailing you stuff?

Our baby is named Liam Mathew.  For those who have never heard of the name Liam (again, which rock?) it's pronounced Lee-uhm.  And yes...Mathew has only one t.

This is a short post, because it's really just a few cute pictures.  This past weekend we had our second annual (or is it third??) supervisor retreat.  We went to Carolina Creek Christian Camp north of Huntsville, TX.  Great place.  Great cabin.  Great people.  Great time.
Along with a retreat comes name tags.

And along with Marty and A-Beautiful Pools comes a Baby Betting Pool.  Think "Super Bowl Pool".  The winner is going to take home $500!!!

My only hope is that I either give birth NATURALLY (not induced) on July 29 in the PM or that whoever wins doesn't work for us anymore.  I default win, while contributing 10% to my manager, Marty.


  1. LOL Love the pool rules! We need better mom wins rules at our church pool.

  2. I want to particpate in the pool! Cute pics...you look beautiful! Liam is growing, your tummy is perfect!!!