Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Been A While

It's been a long while.  I'm not sure anyone has missed me though.  In the world of social media, it's so easy to keep up with and catch up with everyone via twitter or facebook or instragram.  Just take your pick, right?

Since the last time you "saw me", we've found out that baby #2 is a....BOY!!
It's been quite the journey.  I was a little bit sick when I was pregnant with Liam.  This time?  I couldn't keep things down.  It was rough.  And then, I broke my arm.  How?  Oh, I tripped.  And fell.  And did a real number.  I had to have surgery in order to not have a useless arm and elbow.  Wow.  The pain, oh my goodness, not like anything I've ever experienced.

But, we are coming out on the other side.
So, short and sweet, but say a little prayer for us through the rest of this pregnancy and the first few months, or years, with our two little boys.

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