Saturday, July 14, 2012

He's 1: In Photos

We had a great little party at Liam's Oma and Gomer's house.  How can you not have a party at the pool in July, in Texas?!

Liam's one.
He is full of personality.  He smiles a lot.  But he "screams" even more.  Hard to believe.
He loves food.  He loves his milk.  Sadly, we will run out of pumped milk in only a couple days.
He loved his party.  Loved the cake.  Loved the ball pit.
He got a kick out of his presents, but not opening them.  He had no interest.
He is walking.  He pulls on your clothes to tell you he wants you to pick him up.  He crawls super fast.  He loves the pool.

He's such a cool kid.

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