Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a Weekend

At the point that I knew 23 was going to be hard, I started thinking about the list.  I have gone back and forth and back and forth ---

I just don't know if it is ok to change things.

And then I thought about things:
   - life changes.
   - 1001 days is a long time.
   - laziness is different than necessity.
   - I made up my list and I am the only one in control over it.

And so, number 23 was changed.  Originally number 23 was to babysit all my nephews from Friday - Sunday.  Not only would my sister not even request that of me anymore (unless it was an emergency), but I wouldn't survive.  I would.not.survive.

I barely survived with just Reid.

Reid is 2.  A toddler.  High-energy.  Not accustomed to boredom.  He has built in entertainment in his two older brothers.  He eats snacks.  He drinks juice.
We don't have that here.  We have a 4 1/2 month old.  Baby toys.  A small backyard.  Adult food.  Adult drinks.

But we are still alive.  Reid is still alive.
And my goodness, Reid is in love with his "Uh-Maaah" (Uncle Matt).

We attempted to get Reid to eat at meal times, to not feed the dog, to not yell at the dog, to not step on the baby, and to sleep in the pack and play.  Sometimes we succeeded.  Sometimes we did not.

And now, at the end of the weekend, I have a cold, Matt has run out of patience, and we are both exhausted.  If it weren't for the baby, we'd probably both be passed out on the couch.  


  1. I feel you. My MIL said she didnt want to be me after bleaching and lysoling the house after the sicko DH (Best MIL ever). I am now on husband and baby duty and banned from work. Yay telecommuting!

  2. Aubs, what a beautiful and real rendition of the love of family. Challenges present themselves showing us that we would do anything for family! Love wins out, just like the last picture in your blog!