Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Another Pregnancy Post

17 Week Pregnant.
Oh joy.

Wait...YES!!!  JOY!!!
No sickies.
I'm growing a belly.
I'm comfortable in maternity clothes.

We're moving right along.

So, what's happening lately??  You should check my facebook...
Ok, for the basics.

Baby is the size of an onion, or a turnip.  Choosing the picture of a turnip since there are so many kinds of onions.  It's just a normal white onion though.  Yes, with all the layers.

Baby is about 5 ounces and 5 inches long.  Wow...I measure that across my belly with the middle joint of my index finger.  Crazy.
Can you imagine how BIG this baby is going to get?
Watch what you say around me.  My baby can hear it.  Although the ears are not fully formed, all the senses are developing.

As for me, as I said, I'm not getting sick anymore.  Hopefully it stays that way.  My sense of balance is (and rightly so) off.  So if I start to tumble, help me.  I experience mid-night insomnia.  After I have slept 6-7 hours and get up for the bathroom break, I cannot go back to sleep.  But 6-7 hours just isn't enough.  So I surf the internet, facebook, play words with friends or other games to occupy my awake time.  And then I start to toss and turn.

As noted at the beginning of this post, I am growing a belly.  Yes, it's hard to imagine my completely in shape, thin-as-a-model frame growing a belly.  I know...I surprise myself every morning.  Yeah right.  I surprise myself once a week as I compare my belly to last week's belly.  For your viewing pleasure since you either see me daily or you see me randomly.

5 Weeks for starting off purposes. 

9 Weeks.  I had lost weight by this point.

13 weeks...when "sucking in" just stops working

And today, 17 weeks.  A definite bump and a for sure need for maternity pants.  LOVE THEM.

What else is going on....NOTHING!!! Hello!?!?  We are having a baby.  There is nothing else going on in our lives that is even remotely blog worthy.  We'll see if I can come up with anything for the next post.  


  1. I love your face in all of them but that last one.... GLOWING!!

  2. Love seeing the comparison pictures - you look great!

  3. Your blog has prompted me to comment and I NEVER comment on anything anywhere! The great a picture in my head of your 5 inch little one! And the progression of photos! Oh! You're so cute! I think this blog should become famous it's so good!