Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday I went with my sister to buy a new car.  Wow...what an experience.  It was quite different from any of the times I have gone with my mom to buy a car.  Very, very different.

With my mom...lots of haggling, threatening to walk away, actually getting our stuff to walk away...it's so stressful.
With my sister....she finds the places that don't haggle, they price their vehicles where they should be, she does her research before to actually be sure the price is competitive...still stressful, I'll never buy a car by myself, but very different.

Anyways...while in the car, chatting away as sister's do, she asks me about my blog.  And she says I need to get moving on it and get things done.  To which I reply "I have 2 and a half years left!!!"  But then she asked if there is anything I think I won't be able to do.  I don't necessarily have the mindset that I am not going to be able to get something done, more so, I think it will be difficult to get it done for one reason or another.  Those things are:

8. No fried food for 30 days
21. Get a pedicure with Jessica
23. Babysit all three of my nephews from Friday-Sunday
53. Stay in bed all day
80. Organize the garage complete with cabinets
92. Frame my flower portraits

No fried food for a week is going to be super tough...much less for of them consecutively!!  Anytime we go out to each I get 1 of 3 things...Chicken Caesar Salad, Alfredo Pasta, or Chicken Tenders.  If I go somewhere that doesn't have pasta or a Caesar Salad (yes, they do exist...Cheddars) then I'm in trouble.  And having to try a new restaurant once a month...this might present a problem. 
It is going to be difficult to get a pedicure with Jessica because she has a "real job" and she is always busy on the weekends.  When our schedules flip flop, I don't have enough time to sit down for an hour without some lifeguard needing something.
Babysitting all three of my nephews from Friday-Sunday...I probably should have made this just "overnight".  I wonder...is it too late to change it? 
If I were to stay in bed all day, I'd be sick.  And even then, the massive tv is in the living room.  It's not fun to watch tv on the tv in the bedroom because it seems like it is so far away.  Hey...maybe I'll get sick sometime in the next 2 and 1/2 years.  I hope not! 
I can organize with the best of them!!  But cabinets....that's another story.  And sadly, my hubs isn't gifted in the renovation/installation department, thus I need my Father-in-Law's expertise here.  You should see his garage!! I want mine to look like that.  A wall of cabinets!! It sounds dreamy!!!  
My flower portraits were a gift either 2 or 3 years ago from my sister.  I think 3.  For Christmas.  After moving, I can't find them.  They have to be somewhere.  But the "fragile" stuff got its own space and thus, I don't know where they might be.  Which is unfortunate.  I'd love them to hang in the bedroom with the white frames I got.  Let's hope I can find them within in my time frame. 

So...if anyone wants to help me accomplish these things on my "hard-list", feel free.  It will only take a little persuasion.  :) 

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  1. I think it depends on your perceptions on some things and how much you want to bend you own rules...or maybe just a little "tweaking" for example Do you have someone that regularly does your pedicures? No? then try to book one with a person named Jessica, you live in a big metropolitan area right? Shouldn't be too hard to find ;)
    okay and stay in bed all day...hmmm... it doesnt say you have to LAY in bed so you can bring some project (maybe another from your list) to your room and do it while sitting on the bed all day and alternating between naps and "other stuff" heh and who says "bed" has to actually be in the bedroom. I mean camping out on the couch all day with cozy blankies and a stack of good chick flicks is as good as any "bed I have ever been in!
    Can you organize the garage on paper with an actual PLAN to scale? okay, that one may be stretching the tweaks a bit too far! LOL
    Oh and if you can find the flower photos, Michaels is having a really good custom framing sale. Do you have a Michaels near you?